What exactly is a pop performance class and how will it help my child’s confidence grow?

Pop Performance Class Performing

What exactly is a pop performance class and how will it help my child’s confidence grow?

What exactly is a pop performance class and how will it help my child’s confidence grow?

Two of the most common questions I get asked by parents:

Let me start by sharing a story about myself:

When I first started this business, I had to go into schools and present to groups of children. It made me absolutely terrified and I would stand on stage dripping with sweat, panting, my heart throbbing out of my chest. I would spend hours and hours planning my 10 minute session and worry about it for weeks beforehand. Nowadays, I can run an assembly virtually unprepared and find them super fun.

But what bought about this change? and what has it got to do with your kids confidence levels?

Well first of all, it has taught me that you can overcome your fears in a simple way. Practise. I just kept going. And this is the very same lesson we can teach our children. 

Our children are growing up in world which expects rather a lot from them. Pop Performance is a chance for them to practise the skills which are required of them in school and university interviews, social situations and even future jobs.

At Pop Star Performers we create a safe and fun environment where children can make mistakes, grow and learn. We focus on fun over polish and this gives the children the strength to take risks.

What happens in a typical Pop Performance Class?

Confidence building performance practise
Cecil Hepworth Playhouse Theatre Performance 2019
  • Circle time focuses on public speaking. Each week the children create a topic for discussion. In the younger children this could simply be ‘what is your favourite animal?’ or the older children may want to discuss something exciting which has happened in their week. Every child takes a turn to listen and to speak which takes immense courage for some.
  • Next, we play games designed to calm the children which are based on mindfulness, meditation and yoga practises in order to focus them ready to absorb the lesson.
  • The technical section of the lesson covers: Harmony, Diction, Rhythm, Improvisation and Scales.
  • The singing: I don’t give out lyric sheets and instead teach by repetition and call and response. Children choose the songs and solo lines/sections are given out.
  • The dancing: A simple routine is constructed which includes blocking for microphones and choreography to compliment lyrics or simply help to imbed rhythm.
  • Later in the term we explore stagecraft which includes expression, acting, and performance technique and tips.
  • The lesson ends with games, dancing and ‘Pop Star Superstar of the week’ stickers.

I don’t think my child will want to sing solos, they’re just not confident enough

You will be surprised. I have never had a child who doesn’t do a solo (and I PROMISE I’m not mega pushy!!))

I think the reason all the children put themselves forward, is because all the children put themselves forward!! They do feel scared, but they see other people doing it and realise that it is for everyone and not just the elite ‘best singers’.

But, how will this help my child’s confidence?

An example of Kids Performing in Molesey to gain confidence
Pop Performance Classes Performing at Magical Molesey 2019

The classes are only the start of Pop Star Performers ethos. When you join us, you become part of the team who go out and perform as much as we can squeeze in!!

Every term we have a performance at the end and each year we have a bigger theatre show where all the children can come together on a big stage with pro lighting, sound and photographers.

We also perform at school fairs, garden centres, fetes, music festivals and anywhere we can get an audience!!! This is all part of our growth philosophy (see our blog on Pop Star Performers Philosophies Fun, Growth and Grit, here) and you will see your child developing each time they take to the stage.


How can we give it a try? 

If you would like to register for a two week trial period, please sign-up via our website