Adult Dance Class

Adult dance class

We now have two adult dance classes a week: 

Tuesday 9:30 am – Commercial/Jazz/Musical Theatre

Friday 10:00 am – Contemporary

Tuesday mornings – Jazz/Commercial/Musical Theatre.

Tuesday classes are all about the choreography. We usually start a new dance every half term.

Choreography is sassy and fun and done at a pace which allows you to perfect as the term goes on whilst also working on your strength and flexibility and having loads of fun 🙂

Friday mornings – Contemporary.

Contemporary class focus more on strengthening technique and the classes are taught in a very accessible way, making them perfect for beginners who are looking to learn about how to do the movements correctly.

This class is a mixture of Laban, Graham, Cunningham and Release techniques.

The pace is slow and calm and is very suitable for a non-dancers. Despite everything being slow and controlled, you will still find yourself having a full-body workout.

Wondering which class is for you?

Watch our videos below for a little bit from each class, or come and try them both out and see which you prefer.

As parents, we give so much of ourselves to our children, but this is an opportunity to do something fun and healthy for yourself. Our adult dance classes follow the same values as our children’s classes; fun, growth and grit. If learning to dance, or getting back in the studio is on your bucket list, then this is the class for you!! We are a group of friendly and inclusive mums who just want to have some me time doing something that makes us feel young and fun.


We understand that busy lives make commitment difficult, so these classes are based on a PAYG model. Your first class is free (even if you want to try both sessions) and after that payment is due at the end of each half-term and calculated at £10 per class, or just £15 if you do both each week.

We would love to welcome new members and starting at the beginning of a half-term is the best time as that is when a new routine begins. Register here or call 07535 852 908 if you’d like to talk through any questions.

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