About Us

Pop Star Performers began back in 2017

It was then known as ‘Claire’s Pop Performance Club’. I wanted to create confidence building class for children with a difference. Having worked at other Theatre Schools in Surrey and South West London it became obvious that there was a lot of pressure being put on children to take exams and work towards competitions and that we should be allowing more space for the children to just have fun.

Pop Star Performers was born!

Now, as we are expanding as a company, supporting my teachers to be as impassioned and eager to learn as the children is very important to me. By providing regular training and creating a culture of growth between us, we will continue to learn from each other, the children and other professionals in the industry.

All of our teachers hold an enhanced DBS and are fully insured.

Claire Bender Pop Star Performers founder

Claire Bender

Founder, Mother, Teacher & Performer

Music has always been a huge part of my life.

I trained in dance (ballet, contemporary, Jazz and tap) after leaving school and went on to complete a music degree later in my thirties.

Before completing my degree I had a weak voice. It wasn’t a bad voice, just limited, with a small range and a quiet, breathy sound. After training with renowned vocal coaches (Chris Johnson & Joshua Alamu) my voice changed beyond all recognition. It became powerful and I found the ability to access my full range (4.5 octaves) Undergoing this transformation on my own personal journey has given me the belief that singing really is something you can learn. Hard work, simply works.

Now as a mother to two young boys I understand the importance of teaching grit and growth. These are part of our core values, and represent valuable life skills we can use in all areas of life. Confidence building for children is something we are all aiming for and I feel very grateful to have such fantastic and empathetic teachers on my team.

Meet Our Team

Milly Roberts

Pop Performance Teacher

#Milly Roberts

Milly is the longest standing member of the team and is dedicated, caring, passionate and the most amazing singer!!

Milly is loved by all the children and is teaches our Pop Performance Classes on Saturdays as well as lots of the after-school clubs.

She is currently investing in her own personal growth via a vocal training program which she is studying hard for and learning lots of new and exciting information about the latest vocal pedagogy.

Laura Kent

Street Dance & Cheerleading teacher

Carl Lock

Street Dance & Boys Street Dance teacher

Eloize Venning-Pridham

Digital Marketing Apprentice

Eloize is the newest member of the team and has joined us to help with all the pictures, videos and other digital stuff.

Her background is in music and she also studied at ACM where she learnt guitar, but can play about a thousand other instruments  as well as being a gigging DJ!

Eloize works with me and Bailey at Pop Stars HQ and helps to keep all the digital content ticking through.