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Pop Star Performers
Planning a Zoom Birthday party? Read our blog for some tips and best practise when hosting through Zoom:
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Pop Star Performers
We’re supposed to be at Elderflower festival this weekend. Me running Pop Star Performers workshops and my boys taking in the sun, music, workshops, art and all round festival vibes. We will get to do this again, but for now; we’re bringing the festival to our garden! #LockdownCamping #ElderflowerFields #Grateful #LoveMyFamily💕
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Pop Star Performers
Just about to start my first international Zoom Birthday party booking!! Don’t forget the hair!!! #FrozenParty #KidsPartyIdeas #FrozenBirthdayTheme
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Pop Star Performers
Let's fill the internet with great music!! (or maybe not so great!! haha) ⠀
Give me the first song that pops into your head which begins with a P. Don't cheat! Anything goes 🙂 ⠀

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Pop Star Performers
Promoting summer camp last August in Kingston town centre. Flyers in hand, balloons tied to buggy, there was no stopping me!! ⠀
Pop Star Performers has been the product of lots of hard work and self belief on my part, plus lots of free childcare from my mum! (she is the one taking the picture and has Thomas and the buggy behind the camera) ⠀
My journey has been exciting, scary, fun and very educational. I love what I do and I feel proud when I look back to this and see how far i've come through sheer determination 🙂 ⠀

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Pop Star Performers
This is the first 'first dance' song I ever had to sing at someones wedding. I was soooo nervous. A first dance is a song which has been picked out carefully for it's meaning and lyrics and so your attention to detail to replicate the original is never more important than for this moment. At most gigs you start with a song you know really well to get you warmed up, but for a first dance you don't get this luxury! ⠀
I've always really loved this song, so learning it wasn't massively hard, but the added pressure of someones special day coupled with the fact that this was my first ever wedding was crushing!! ⠀
I love sharing this story with the children to help them understand that to get 'confident', you have to battle 'scared' first. ⠀

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