Pop Performance Class

Pop Performance Class

This is our signature kids class.

Pop Performance is so much more than just a kids pop choir!

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What is a Pop Performance Class?

Professional voice coaching and mini shows

We cover 3 or 4 songs which have been chosen by the children and put together a mini show every term.


Microphone technique, solos and dance routines

They will get the chance to study microphone technique, sing solo lines and learn dance routines. Each session will include games focussing on expression, diction, harmony, rhythmical precision, memorisation techniques, stage craft and music theory.


Build positive relationships

We also place a very strong emphasis on relationship building and encourage the children to share stories, news and ideas in front of their peers each week. This is an essential part of the class as it allows the children to become relaxed in each other’s company thereby enabling them to take ‘safe risks’ i.e. Standing in the front row, singing solo lines, sharing their improvisation, leading a section/group.

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