Descendants Birthday Ideas

Descendants Birthday Ideas

Descendants Birthday Ideas

Disney Descendants Birthday Ideas

Hosting a Descendants party during lockdown? Looking for some tips and ideas?

If you’re looking for ideas for your Descendants Birthday parties, Pop Star Performers can help. We’ve been running Disney Descendants parties and workshops for a few years and have taken them online during the 2020 lockdown period. If you are hosting a Descendants Birthday party and need the lowdown without watching all the movies, read no further!! We have given you a list of the characters, a breakdown of each movie and a list of all the best songs!!


The plots:

I’m sure you’ve heard every movie a thousand times whilst you’re doing the housework/trying to do your own work, but if you haven’t quite been paying attention, here is a quick synopsis of all three plots:


Descendants 1

There are lots of sub-plots but its basically a re-telling of Romeo & Juliet:

  • Mal, Evie, Carlos and Jay are best friends and ‘baddies’ they’ve all grown up on ‘the Isle’ because their parents were banished there for being bad.
  • Meanwhile ‘goodie’ Prince Ben (Belle & Beasts’s son) decides the villain’s kids should be given a chance and sent to the high school in Auradon because they can’t help who their parents are.
  • The Villain kids come over under strict orders from their parents to steal fairy godmothers’ wand which will release all the baddies from the Isle.
  • Mal makes a love potion so she can steal Ben as her boyfriend, but then falls in love with him for real.
  • The bad children decide to defy their parents and stay in Auradon forever as they are happy.
  • The end….until Descendants 2


Descendants 2

  • Mal feels the pressure of being ‘good’ and runs away back to the Isle;
  • Ben goes to rescue her and gets captured by new baddies Uma and Harry. (Ursula and Captain hooks children);
  • Evie, Carlos & Jay rescue him and try to persuade Uma to turn good;
  • Uma stays bad, leaving an opening for……Descendants 3


Descendants 3

  • Mal & Ben decide they should bring some new villain kids over from the Isle;
  • Dizzy, Celia and the twins are chosen;
  • Hades (Mal’s dad and the new ‘baddie’ character) tries to break out of the Isle when they bring the kids over;
  • Audrey (Ben’s ex-girlfriend) turns from goodie to baddie and starts to cause trouble;
  • Mal joins forces with Uma as this is the only way they can beat Audrey’s magic;
  • Mal & Ben decide to open the bridge between Auradon and the Isle and let all baddies and goodies mix as one.


Descendants Birthday Theme Ideas:

If you’re looking for ideas for food, decoration and games, these are some of the themes present in the movies:

  • Magic
  • Friendship
  • Red Poison Apple
  • Pirates
  • Magic Mirror
  • Hair, Make-up and Beauty
  • Purple and Green (Villain Kids)
  • Yellow and Blue (Auradon Prep)



There are a LOT of songs in the movie, some great, some average. This is our pick of the best party ones which will be good for dancing and singing along to. Please feel free to use our Spotify playlist here. 

  • Ways to be wicked
  • Good to be bad
  • Rotten to the core
  • Queen of mean
  • Did I mention
  • What’s my name
  • Space between
  • One Kiss

I hope this has given you some inspiration. If you would like to find out about Pop Star Performers hosting your Birthday for you, we have Zoom and in-person options available. All of our performers are insanely good singers and actors and can teach your kids dances from the movies in character as either Mal, Evie or Audrey. They can do script work, games and acting workshops and depending on location we can provide costumes too. Our teachers are fully trained to ensure your child will have the best party they can and are all fully DBS checked. Our parties last from 60-90 minutes depending on the age of the children. Please see our party page for more info and prices or contact us directly if you have any questions.


Thanks for reading,