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Frozen themed Zoom Parties

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Frozen themed Zoom parties

Holding a magical Birthday party during lockdown and social distancing is still possible. We will guarantee an amazing experience for your Frozen princess. The delight when they open the laptop and see Princess Elsa of Arendelle talking to them will be priceless!!

Elsa is available to sing all of the hits from Frozen 1 and 2 and has a selection of games, songs, dance routines and activities which have been tried and tested to work in a video setting.

Come with us as we go Into the Unknown and discover the magic that lies within. Do you want to build a snowman? Help Elsa on her search for Anna and Olaf and see what adventures you will cross along the way.

Our 30 minute interactive parties will get your child’s imagination running wild and will have them become an active participant in the adventure.

How do online parties work?

Our Frozen themed Zoom parties can be run in two ways; Elsa can either be the host of the party, or come as a surprise guest during the virtual party. 

Either way, we will host the meeting with our paid Zoom account. We will do a test meeting with the host parents before the party to make sure all video and audio settings are correct and working. Each party guest will receive a link to the party and be admitted into the ‘waiting room’ until the party starts. We are able to fully control the interaction between the children or pass this access over to the host parent if you want to keep Elsa as a surprise guest at your Frozen themed Zoom party. 

You can access Zoom here.

What age groups are Zoom Birthday parties for: 

  • 3-4 year olds – 15 minute package
  • 4-5 year olds – 30 minute package
  • 5-7 year olds – 60 minute package

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20 minute meet and greet

£30 20 mins

❄️ Hosting on Zoom

❄️ Meet and greet with 1 princess

❄️ Princess training

❄️ Single household

30 minute party

£45 30 mins

❄️ Hosting on Zoom

❄️ Meet and greet with 1 princess

❄️ Princess training

❄️ 2 songs

❄️ Up to 10 friends

60 minute party

£90 60 mins

❄️ Hosting on Zoom

❄️ Meet and greet with 1 princess

❄️ Dance routine

❄️ Art activity

❄️ Princess training

❄️ 2 songs

Extra Princess add-on

from £30

If this is simply unaffordable for you then please register for our blog where you can read articles on DIY parties, popular song playlists, age appropriate games and soon to be released our “online DIY party guide”

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