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Pop Performance Class

This is our signature kids class.

Pop Performance is so much more than just a kids pop choir!

Pop star performance class - Zoom ClassesPopStarPerformers perform med - Zoom Classes

Professional voice coaching and mini shows

We cover 3 or 4 songs which have been chosen by the children and put together a mini show every term.


Microphone technique, solos and dance routines

They will get the chance to study microphone technique, sing solo lines and learn dance routines. Each session will include games focussing on expression, diction, harmony, rhythmical precision, memorisation techniques, stage craft and music theory.


Build positive relationships

We also place a very strong emphasis on relationship building and encourage the children to share stories, news and ideas in front of their peers each week. This is an essential part of the class as it allows the children to become relaxed in each other’s company thereby enabling them to take ‘safe risks’ i.e. Standing in the front row, singing solo lines, sharing their improvisation, leading a section/group.

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Phonics Class

Our entry level singing, dancing and performing kids choir class for pre-schoolers.

PopStarPerformers0247 - Zoom ClassesPopStarPerformers0205 - Zoom Classes

Entry level version of our Pop Performance class. The children are introduced to a condensed version of our Pop Performance class. The lessons are only 30 mins and involve singing, dancing and learning routines but will focus on just one main Pop song a term to get ready for the older kids choir.

Phonics songs

Alongside this we will work some phonics sounds and songs. This is a brilliant introduction to reading, we use the songs from the ‘Jolly Phonics’ syllabus which are used by many local schools to teach reading.

Each week the children will sit for a short period of focussed circle time. They are asked simple questions and are expected to answer in front of their peers. This gives them practise in concentrating and being attentive as well as allowing them the chance to practise using their voices in front of their friends in a safe performance environment.

To find a Pop Star Performers phonics kids class near you please see our timetable.

Mini shows

At the end of the term the grown-ups are invited in for an informal performance to showcase what the children have been working on. Always a highlight and very sweet to see how proud they are to show off 🙂

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Acro is the latest dance craze sweeping the UK! We are running an Acro class near you.

Pop Star Performers Acro 960 - Zoom ClassesPop Star Performers Acro 960 - Zoom Classes


Each Acro class will include lots of strengthening exercises which enables the children to safely perform the required moves without any risk of injury.


Stretching the body each week will allow the children to track their progress. It’s quite inspiring to see the differences that can be achieved in a short space of time.

Tricks and tumbling

These are, of course, the holy grail of Acro and what make sit appealing to most young children. We will work on the fundamentals each week (handstand, splits and bridges) once mastered these can lead to flips, walkovers, springs and roundoffs.


Without routines Acro would just be gymnastics!! This is the part that makes Acro really part of Pop Star Performers and allows us to showcase all the skills in the context of a routine.

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Private Vocal Coaching

One to one sessions available

Goal Setting

One to one lessons are a chance to achieve new levels in your voice. Whether you are trying to smooth over your bridges to have a stronger mix voice, Improve your range, Control your vibrato or other stylising issues, or simply want to feel more confident when you open your mouth private lessons can be really helpful when you have a goal in mind.

Vocal technique

The techniques I use are a mixture of Estill, CVT and SLS. These techniques have been developed with contemporary singers in mind and focus on the parts of the voice which are often not needed in classical singing.

Adults welcome

I have lot’s of adult students too and love welcoming pros as well as ‘non singers’ Everyone has a voice and we would love to help you find peace with yours 🙂


The charge for one to one sessions is £40 an hour or £25 for a 30 min session

Enquire about private sessions here.

Street dance

960 Street Dance PopStarPerformers0330 copy - Zoom Classes960 rehearsal - Zoom Classes


Street originated (you guessed it!) in the street. It was the dance of the young in America in the 90’s. It has since become one of the most popular dance forms here in the UK and we are lucky to have our super funky Monice who is very talented in this discipline.


Although street has it’s own terminology for things it does contain plenty of technique too!

I’ve often overheard classic ballet move ‘pas deux bourrée’ being taught as ‘the Reebok’ (Shhhh don’t tell the cool kids!!)

Find a kids Street dance class near you.


Some of the routines we’ve worked on in the past have included songs like ‘Havana’ by Camilla Cabelo ‘No Drama’ by Craig David and ‘New Rules’ by Dua Lipa. Check out some of our past choreography here:

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Why Cheerleading?

Cheerleading is one of the best ways to introduce dance technique to younger learners. It allows you to teach all of the technical rules of angles, positions and postures in a really fun way.


The children will be given pompoms and encouraged to have fun shaking and shouting!! They all can’t wait to throw on their best American accent and join in the fun.


During the class they will learn spacial awareness as formations are very important in this area of dance. Positions will be discussed in terms of angles and times on the clock, all aiding their mathematical learning and critical thinking.

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