Screen free holiday ideas

Screen free holiday ideas

Looking for Screen-free holiday ideas? With the Easter holidays coming up and the weather outside still so cold it’s really easy to turn on the TV or iPad to get a few minutes peace.

My eldest has a particularly strong reaction to screen time and so I am always looking for ideas to keep him away. The longer we go without it, the easier it becomes. I do understand that total removal of screens is unrealistic (although I would still highly recommend it) but if we can at least limit it, then we’ll be doing a great job.

We are the last generation of parents who grew up without the internet at our fingertips and I believe we have a responsibility to pass on the power of creativity to the next generation.

I have compiled a list of some of the games Alfie (my sister) and I used to play and a few new ones I have picked up along the way through teaching children.

Running/moving games:

  • Playing hide and seek – This is an old classic, but there are a few variations which can make it even more fun:
    • 40/40 –This is great for when you’re outside as it keeps everyone moving and stops you feeling the cold. 1 person counts to 40 at the base. Everyone runs and hides. You have to sneak back to the base without being seen. The seeker catches you by saying “40/40 I see Claire” whilst touching the base. So when they leave the base to start looking, you can leg it back without getting caught.
    • Sardines – 1 person hides and everyone else has to get in with them until the last person looking finds everyone hiding together.

Pretending games:

  • Put on a play – There are loads of free scripts available on this website, or you can simply pick a classic and make up your own words/interpretation
    • Create costumes / characters
    • Why not film each scene and edit into a movie?
  • Make a restaurant:
    • Design menus
    • Set out the tables
    • Take the order
    • Serve the food
    • Wash up (bonus is you can get them to do this!!)

Drama /quiet time games:

  • What’s in the box- List things which are in your ‘box’ and the others have to guess the theme
    • Post box, strawberry, Fire engine, Tomatoes, Poppies (red things)
    • Car, toy, box, van, cat, cup (things with 3 letters)
    • Grapes, carrots, cheese, avocado, pasta (things you eat)
    • Pillow, Pot, Pansy, Pepper (things which begin with P)

For older children you can make the themes more and more obscure.

  • Fortunately/Unfortunately – You take it in turns to tell a story, but every other turn begins with fortunately or unfortunately:
    • A little boy was very happy he’d got a car for Christmas
    • Unfortunately, the car had no batteries in the box
    • Fortunately, his mum had thought to buy some beforehand
    • Unfortunately, it was raining so they couldn’t go out to play with it

There are tonnes more ideas out there, one of my fave books with more games is called ‘The floor is lava’ by Ivan Brett.

We run Children’s activity and performance camps throughout the year, so please take a look at our Holiday Workshop page for more info.

I hope I’ve sparked off some inspiration and would love to hear any additional ideas and memories you have in the comments.

Thanks for listening,

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