Parenting and performing:

These two subjects have been pretty high up on my agenda for the last few years. Writing a parenting and performing blog seemed like an obvious thing to do..


Why write a performing blog?

I’ve always had an awesomely inquisitive mind; my quest for knowledge has been constant. I believe that listening and sharing experiences are the key to growth and a happy and fulfilled mind. We are so lucky (and unlucky) to live in a world where information is readily available to us at the touch of a button. As a busy working mum, there is no way I would find time to sit down and read a book if audible wasn’t a thing!! I also love podcasts and have learnt tonnes of solid info about business, marketing and psychology via these amazing tools. My career has seen me meeting and working with some fantastic creative and academic minds who have taught me so many golden nuggets of brilliance.


What is this parenting blog about?

This Parenting and Performing blog is a way of sharing all my research, findings and experiences with you. You will find articles on teaching, performing, parenthood, music and singing. I will also be sharing some blogs about my Birthday Party ideas and our experience of kids party entertainment. For those of you who are considering whether Pop Star Performers is right for you and your children there are also some articles on our philosophies and what makes us tick which may help you to decide if you would like to try our classes .

Consume and steal every great piece of knowledge that comes your way and reuse it. Even the late great Ella Fitzgerald agrees, hear what she has to say about her scatting and where she got her ideas from….


stole everything I ever heard, but mostly I stole from the horns.

Ella Fitzgerald