Parent and Child Dance Class

Parent and Child Dance Class

Aimed at 5-9 year olds who struggle to come to classes on their own.

Parent and Child Dance Class

What is a Parent and Child Dance Class?

This 60 minute class is for children who are not able to go to classes by themselves. It could be they are super nervous, or perhaps have some emotional or special needs.

What do the Parents have to do!?

Parents come and join in the classes too. It is not a passive class for parents to sit and watch but something for you to enjoy together.

What to expect at our Parent and Child Dance Class?

Each week we will do a little bit of circle time where the children practise talking and turn taking and then we move onto some drama games before starting on our physical warm-up.

The technical section of the class will focus on Jazz technique and we’ll do things like turns, kicks, leaps and jumps and then moving on to a routine at the end of the session.

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Taught by Laura, find out more about her here.

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