About Us

Pop Star Performers began back in 2017

It was then known as ‘Claire’s Pop Performance Club’. There was a gap in the market for children who love and want to perform Pop music. Having worked at other Theatre Schools in Surrey and South West London it became obvious that we should be teaching the children more of what they love. When the music excites them, they don’t need to be asked twice to learn their lines and perform with passion.

Pop Star Performers was born!

Now, as we are expanding as a company, supporting our teachers to be as impassioned and eager to learn as the children is very important. By providing regular training and creating a culture of growth between us, we will continue to learn from each other, the children and other professionals in the industry.

All of our teachers hold an enhanced DBS and are fully insured.

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Claire Bender

Founder, Mother, Teacher & Performer

Music has always been a huge part of my life.

I trained in dance (ballet, contemporary, Jazz and tap) after leaving school and went on to complete a music degree later in my thirties.

Before completing my degree I had a weak voice. It wasn’t a bad voice, just limited, with a small range and a quiet breathy sound. After training with renowned vocal coaches (Chris Johnson & Joshua Alamu) my voice changed beyond all recognition becoming powerful and with the ability to access my full range (4.5 octaves) Undergoing this transformation on my own personal journey has given me the belief that singing really is something you can learn. Hard work, simply works.

Now as a mother to two small boys I understand the importance of these valuable life skills in all areas of life and feel incredibly lucky to earn my living by sharing my knowledge and passion with our beautiful, next generation.”

Meet Our Teachers

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Milly Roberts

Trainee Teacher

#Milly Roberts

Milly is the baby of the group but is wise beyond her years. When she came for her trial and the kids had to be peeled off her at the end of the session, so we knew she was a keeper!!

The ability to recognise that all children are different and learn in different ways makes Milly want to give every child her undivided attention.

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Maddy Smith


I have worked with children and young people in school and community settings for many years. It’s been fantastic to be part of the fun, the laughter and to support their growing confidence and skills. The best part is seeing a child grow beyond their own expectations, and the joy this brings them.

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Pauline Hennessey

After-school club leader & vocalist

As a very shy little girl who always wanted to sing and dance I have a big motivation to bring confidence and help children be daring and step out of their comfort zone while having fun.
With the ever growing social media and image based performances it’s getting very difficult for anyone to feel like you can try things out as everything looks so perfect.
My strength and my heart lie in spontaneity and free flow, with no agenda. Finding the right balance between following a dance routine and experimenting, bringing some more personal expression. Learning lines and adding a personal note. I believe in making mistakes and happy ‘accidents’.
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Sorcha Armstrong

Music Teacher & Accompanist

Sorcha is a qualified music teacher and virtuoso pianist. Having spent many years as the Head of Music at prestigious Music Academy Hinchley Wood High School, Sorcha is now enjoying bringing her passion and knowledge to our beautiful next generation. Teaching the phonics classes Sorcha gets to pass on her musical skills to our entry level baby class 🙂

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Monice Rose

Dance teacher

Teaching for me doesn’t feel like a job. Although it’s hard work at times, I wake up feeling excited to teach a dance class. As a teacher I like to challenge my students and when they push themselves and start to improve it makes me feel proud.

Monice also runs successful business MonRose pilates. She is available to come to your home and teach one to one or group lessons in pilates. Please see her page for more info.