Pop Star Performers Molesey carnival 2018

Is there a joining fee?

     The registration fee is a one off payment of £15 and includes a T-Shirt and waterbottle.

My child does not seem to like music. Shall I still consider joining the academy?

     I would consider waiting until they DO show an interest. Forcing them into a children’s choir or dance class which they have no interest in may put them off performing altogether so it is better to wait until they are keen to get involved!!

My child is very shy. I'm not sure they'll be prepared to leave me.

     Most children are shy when they come to their first class. If your child is particularly shy, please give us this information beforehand. Younger ones sometimes bring a favourite teddy to help boost their confidence.  They will usually be buddied up with someone in their first class who’s been there longer than them and lots of friendly introductions and name games are included to help them integrate with the other children in the choir.

Do you offer drop-ins?

    Drop-in sessions are not available. This is because we’re working towards the kids performances at the end of term/year and so want regular attendees only.

Will my child be able to catch up in the performance academy if other children have been there longer?

    We only accept new starters at certain points throughout the term so as not to disrupt the other children's learning.

What if my child is absent from one or two classes?

     Kids singing and dancing is a process of continuos learning. Although every dance and pop choir class is important, we understand that you have other commitments. We just ask that you let us know as soon as possible if a child is going to be absent.

My child doesn't seem to have a very tuneful voice. Is there an audition to join?  

     Children's singing voices develop at different paces and there is a lot of science going on behind a developing voice so please please don’t push them to try to ‘help’! Our performance academy is about having fun and building confidence. However singing, like everything, improves with time and practise and if someone is really struggling they will be offered extra help.

Will attendance at the performace academy divert attention from my child's school work?

     Kids love music. Learning lyrics and dance moves seems like fun but aids in memory development. Learning via repetition helps demonstrate to children that regular practise in any area of study will lead to improved results.

Do you offer private tuition?

    One to one sessions are available at my studio in Molesey and cost £40 per hour or £30 for a 40 minute lesson. These are only available to children who are 8 years plus. Adults are also welcome :)

Is there an audition to join?

    There is no audition to join, all are welcome. Please fill out a registration form and submit your joining fee (£15) which includes a water bottle and T-Shirt.

What should my child wear?

    Uniform (Pop Star Performers T-Shirt) is provided as part of your joining fee. Comfortable bottoms with either bare feet or split sole Jazz shoes are recommended.

Do we need to bring anything to class?

    Please bring a sports top bottle of water. Personalised P*P water bottles will be provided upon registarion completion.

Are your teachers DBS checked?

    All of our permanent and deputising teachers, accompanists, photographers, videographers and office staff are DBS checked.

What do you cover in a typical class?



In all of our choir and singing classes we will do a physical warm-up; running, jumping, skipping and stretching to prepare our bodies; some breathing exercises to prepare our minds; technical exercises to expand our voices; improvisation exercises to build confidence and learning repertoire for our end of term performance.



     Our dance classes will follow a typical Jazz/Commercial technique structure with; Warming up and limbering; Stretching and strengthening; Isolations; Locomotive and corner-work; Turning and leaping preparation and learning a routine.


     The EYFS/Pre-School and Reception classes (available to nursery providers and schools.) will be a shorter session consisting of exercises (disguised as games) which focus on difficult to learn phonics. (S, Shh, L, J, Sn, Ch, Tr etc.) They will build up a repertoire of songs to practise and sing at home which have been designed to help with articulation and to tackle the most common errors encountered by young talkers.

These classes do not include an end of term performance but are more about tackling the difficult sounds in a fun environment.


How much are the classes?

     Fees are paid on a termly basis, but work out to be £7.50 an hour with discounts for multiple sessions:  

1 hour a week - £7.50 a session

2 hours a week - £14 a session

Sibling discount 10%


07852 285 830